I have been away for a while… I’m back now and I am going to be experimenting with short-sized articles. I hope it delivers MORE within a SHORT space.


I’m just wondering this afternoon…

Concerned about a terrible trend among most mortals!

It’s had to come to grasp with the fact that we hardly think.

We think we think but we don’t know that what we call thinking is most times self-degradation or in a mild way, self-pity.

Instead of thinking until we arrive at the solution required to correct our predicaments, we sink into a routine of self-diminishing thoughts.

Now, that same person when confronted with the same case in another mortal easily churns out ‘what to dos’ for that individual but for him, he remains clueless! Why do we see the speck of dust on other people’s eyes and we cannot see the log of wood on our own faces? How can we think of helping others if we ourselves don’t take time to think about the way out of our own challenges?

If you are going to be authentic, you must settle down first to apply your medicine to yourself before you begin to apply it to others. I cannot help you if I am not currently helping myself…

credit: image from google


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