Life Mastery, Reflections



So, what’s up today!

I was musing yesterday about the human condition and how if man will only employ his own inner resources of thought to cross-examine his case and give a learned verdict, he will be better off where he is today. Although, I noted that unfortunately he can actually help someone else to solve their problems while he himself is in limbo.

We have to train ourselves to be able to summon our powers whenever we so require and this because we are always in battle and as the general of the armies of our thought daily fighting the armies of circumstances, we don’t need sergeants who can’t fall into proper formation when we marshal them in our favor.

…thought is man’s currency for purchasing his preferred product in the market of circumstances. 

Think about that!


We are making purchases everyday. The process is not exactly simple, yet it is not complex either. It will be complex if we require something from outside ourselves to correct our state. Even when we are aided divinely (and we should be), it is in cooperation with this tiny micro-element of life, thought.

What is the thought in your mind now?



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