I actually planned to write on respect today.

I wanted to highlight how it is the simplest form of exchange we can engage with a fellow human!

I guess, I need to think in a different direction…

Was using a convenience at the airport today when I heard a discussion among junior staff of one or two airlines. They sounded so sure! They seem to know all the gist about their bosses. If you could hear them yourself you will think they had to be so close like a friend to these “fortunate” people who are not aware that some people are busy gossiping about them while they are busy getting on with their lives.

Lesson! Some people are just content to talk about what others are doing as if that is an honourable career. Some know how to make things happen, some are actually making things happen while others yet only preoccupy themselves with gathering facts on the first two sets of people as their lives are painfully ebbing away in their very presence.

Life is fare you know…

Whatever you get busy doing will form the structure and expression of your life both now and in the days to come. Will you rather get busy with making your life count than knowing all about others who are or who are not and even volunteering to be their unofficial spokesperson?


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