No matter how life is simplified, it is still pretty much full of mysteries.

There are things we know and we are certain about how they work…there are other things we don’t know about…even if the knowledge were there, we are not attuned to the frequency necessary for mental capture.

Man’s intuition is one wonder that might be classified as a mystery. Cos why is it that you just seem to get a knowing about something without any logical sequence to it. There was no physical information source, no physical info-gathering process, just a flash in the mind, could be mild or strong, and a vital information has been disseminated. What do you make of that?


If the mind is a terrible thing to waste, the intuition (that spiritual mechanism that gives superior info to man that usually defies logic) is a mystery you don’t want to ignore. If we despise the use of our mind, the consequences might be instalmental (not immediate) however, despising the voice of intuition which pretty much reflects the state of man’s conscience is instantaneously disastrous.

If the conscience is in good condition, intuition will be strong and formidably central to all of life’s major decisions…


Acknowledgment: Images from google

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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