I’m glad to be back on the point I intended to share two days ago.


In life, it is imperative for man to look beyond himself…to recognize that the glory he seeks does not exempt his fellow man from a life of dignity…to understand that the world he lives in does not preclude hope for someone else regardless of their race or gender…and to step out of our preoccupation with ourselves every once  in a while to make something happen for others even though we really need to achieve something for ourselves…there is always more to life than that…

Whatever you deserve, the other person deserves as well. What will it take your fellow man to earn your respect? I know we all have a special list of what and what…

But could it not be sufficient to gain respect just for the fact of one’s humanity? Since man is God’s highest creation, he must be offered this token, even if he has not risen to the necessary height of respectability. Take interest in others today…not looking for any particular reason to justify your involvement, but that there is the seed of greatness in every man; and even if it is all currently buried up in some serious mass of mess, your indifference can only make it more hopeless for him…

What if your life could stop people on their tracks no matter how far gone they are on a path of insignificance and restore them to their original destiny?


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