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This has been the summary of man’s struggle.

What exactly are we looking for? Kingdoms have risen and fallen; all for the desire for emancipation. The strongest have become preys, the wisest have been made weak, the richest have dropped to a depth of misery that man has not known before…it is a cycle of life, those who lead today may suddenly become slaves tomorrow; while those who suffer terrible reproach now may wake up not only to a morning of freedom but of complete takeover of power.

Man. Why are situations not permanent? The deep passion for redemption… The spirit in man wants to be free to move in its divinely designed direction. Usually that path is strange to human governments, and that is the reason why wars will never end. Yet toppling a government and a new one coming in does not stop this unfortunate cycle.

Egypt has come and gone, Rome too, Greece as well and even Babylon… Now, it is the United States after Britain has had her stint. Yet, the patterns of history already makes it unavoidable for any world ruling government not to go the way of its predecessors… Without being a prophet, a new government will soon take over…and become the world super power.

And even if the US is the last most powerful human government to exist, there is still going be another government that will succeed it after the time of man has come to an end. It will be a spiritual government in our earthly terrain. It will unite heaven and earth. The desire of man will be eventually fulfilled…redemption is actualised…the spirit of man has risen and all will be satisfied to live under this government.

And there will be a king in that kingdom! He is the one the world celebrates today…Jesus the Christ!

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