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Human behaviour is just a naughty science.

Or how else do we describe the inadvertent tendencies of man to always break into groups in a get-together…to gravitate to men of like passions, to ignore the company of others simply because they do not match up with our physical preferences as well as psychological differences? (Asides from the logical fact that it is a given in any situation…everybody cannot be around each other, chatting and familiarising).

When all is said and done and you know, when the rubber meets the road, it is never about people who agree with your own ideologies, which many times may be faulty; or people who aid and abate your indulgences, or those who just seem to make you feel good about yourself (so you say, when that is just a cheap way to continue a trend of foolishness)…you know what I’m saying?

Class is the reason why many will not fulfil their destinies…is the secret behind the breakdown of many a life that could have turned out well…is the bane of continued failures, you know, doing the same thing and expecting a different result; keeping the same sets of friends and expecting a positive change…

Is it what we see physically on people, how they look, their expensive dresses, their riches & material possessions, their position in society, that speaks to us and makes us get interested in them? Indeed!

But we need something more…something more dependable…

What is inside a man is more important than what we see on the outside. Even if we want to be classy, could we only be looking for those who will not surprise us negatively sometimes down the road? You know, people who will not shock you, who are consistent and even if they change, it’s a change for the better.

To me, that is class and I am seriously attracted to that!

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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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