By now you would have had your fare share of use of this terrible word!

Or even just the pitiable, intrusive encroachment of neighboring mortals into our private worlds where we are free to dream and see to the fulfillment of the same.

You know how easy it is for people to vomit that word on our passions as if they have the sole rights to do so – like they have the franchise…

I wish you will be as free to dismiss their disgust as they are free to shake their heads at something that the whole world might depend on in days to come…to confront your world with a confidence and courage that doesn’t back down…to stretch yourself regardless of the laziness that is preeminent in the land…to remain calm in the face of adversity and respectful to everyone you meet even if they will not accept the reality of the future you are painting…to understand that you have a legacy to pass on to your own, your wife, your children…to boldly blaze a streak of achievements in the face of the waiting world…to be an amazing source of inspiration to your spouse…and what else?


Just what are you doing to the constant obstacles the world or people or circumstances are throwing at you?

Will you keep quiet and accept the verdict of backward-looking people? Or will you also say to those who say it is impossible for you to become everything embedded in your potential that…it is only impossible for me not to rise to the full length of my potential.

All things are possible to him that believes!


Credit: Image from google

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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