Do you realize that you could be wrong about everything you have believed?

We all did not have control over the conversations, conclusions as well as conditions prevalent around us (as we grew from childhood) that formed our personalities. We like what we like because that is what they liked when we never knew what to like. 

Hence, don’t be so tightfisted on what you got without asking for it when it is actually taking you no where. Our worldviews, paradigms and self-images are all directly influenced by our cultural backgrounds. This places a great demand on all of us to learn. It is an imperative you shouldn’t miss!

Begin your own voyage of discovery like Columbus, there is more to life than what you have seen; stretch your imaginations to planes unfamiliar like Michelangelo, there are more possibilities yet to be explored by mortals; investigate the true nature of your potential, find the real summit of your fulfillment (that worthy ideal that makes life more meaningful beyond the materials), question your current predicaments and chart your own course of enlightenment.

People and experiences are placed on your path for lessons that are worth  their weights in gold. You need to think deeply and ask yourself: what am I learning from this? You don’t have a perfect life, others don’t have a perfect life, so don’t pretend that you have it all fixed. But, isn’t it a perfect life to always have something to learn from others that you are willing and quick to apply to your own life?

We have more to learn than to teach, we have much more to recover or reclaim from years of misuse and abuse of our potential, we have a lot to contribute to our world…. Everyday is another opportunity to shed off some of the baggages of a bad conditioning we got from our dearly loved ones and embrace some new golden thoughts (that are not really new) that can blast ahead of us a path of freshness, emancipation and achievement.

And guess what? Your dearly loved ones will even benefit from such a wonderful change.

“Change is inevitable; personal growth is a choice”

                                  Bob Proctor


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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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