We despise it often because we use it all the time.

Or is it because it uses us?

Everyday we are inundated with an enormous amounts of words from simple conversations to complex dialogues and of course that chit-chat genre that is really the culprit of standard abuse. We have soon forgotten the power of words because of constant, tiring use/misuse.

If you want to know what is really going on with you, just check what you’ve been saying all day. In it lies the power of change because what you’ve been saying shows what idea has been dealing with you. And once you hold that idea up in your mind for cross-examination, you stand close to the threshold of change…because you see that idea for what it is (good or bad) and you are free to dismiss the cause of your predicament in a moment by embracing a new idea.

Although, it takes a great deal of mental strength to live up to that momentary decision… once it sinks into your subconscious, it eliminates the old tyrannical paradigm that keeps you churning out the same old result supposedly against your will. And then we begin to hear a whole new genre of words!

Uplifting words…enlightening words…power words…


With these words, we seal the fate of our self-subscribed patterns…we formalize or accept the conditions of our internal culture…we call forth both Life and Death to witness our choice and sanction same…we even become a tool of conditioning for those whose minds are subjective to ours. The words we speak represents the final act of amendment of the creative work that began in the mind and is passed through the corridors of intelligence to be legitimized in our material plane of achievement.


Credit: Images from Google


Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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