Disappointments. Frustration. Turbulence.

The daily movement of time and the accompanying worries of unfulfilled dreams, undone projects and the ever-so-present appeal of limited resources so-called, all in one full sweep throws the man-of-honor on a life-threatening spin that usually strips him of his resolve as well as his determination to achieve; and while still pondering the need to slow down, to ponder the ways of his feet…he finds within him certain elements of mischief, develops cold feet as a result and then slowly but surely throws caution to the wind.

This generic man could easily win an election in the combined mammoth republic of China, India, United States and Nigeria because his follower-ship has increased with every passing hour of life’s marathon. And behind the facade of sleek composure lies the puzzling cycle of despair as he momentarily yet dutifully perspires on the tiny particles of shame that has cumulatively gathered on the screen of his mind.


He looks at another and concludes that they are certainly having it better than himself not knowing that there you have another excellent apprentice who has mastered the art of deception or is it decorum? Whatever! As long as there is a next to perfect concealment of the true state of things, you are lulled to believe what you see; not knowing that what you see is not all there is.

To regain the sanity needed for a peaceful and purposeful existence you first have to quit believing what you see. You yourself know that what people see about you is miles apart from what you really are. The searchlight is not to be beamed on other souls; you need help more than the other person. Could you help yourself first? And then we really need to realize that change does not have to be instantaneous…you know like heroic! The host of voices clamoring for your attention cannot be addressed all at once. But if you ever get started, know that the voice of conscience within is the champion of emancipation; and it is that voice that deserves your first attention.

Can you believe it?

Although you are not fully emancipated, the instant calm that kissed your soul at your final surrender to the query of conscience is a big relief to the tired crusader. We all can figure out what is next when we respond to that primary force of spiritual progress resident within us. 



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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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