The unburdening of the heart…the release of gratitude…the venting of emotions…

…it comes across pretty much like this.

When joy becomes a stranger to your soul, the issues of your life seeming way more formidable than slipping in an occasional snicker that could calm your nerves a bit and give you a slight holiday from your usual worries, or the uneasy rut of being way too philosophical that nothing of terrestrial category holds any appeal as to express childlike excitement and find a new peak of wonder…

When you find yourself in a long stretch of sombre plateau, a repetition of the same stale oddities (familiar experiences), a fiddling of the mind on hopelessness (even when you have reached a level of comfort in life), could you not step out of your zone and watch with rapturous pleasure the birth of a new child or simply gaze into the skies to find some magical impressions arranged for your consolation or stand with childlike naivety to observe the enjoyment of a “new thing” by a friend (or enemy as the case may be)? …if it might help you kick-start your tired engine to continue your life’s journey, even if meaning is still elusive…

And if it doesn’t help…?

The clogged heart must be decongested. You must needs contact a friend or call on a support group to help you bare your heart out. Too much accumulated experiences without an outlet of sharing is toxic to your system. Even if they (friends & etc) don’t have a magic wand (ready-made solution) to waive over your problem, just listening to your story is a means of detoxifying your life. Soon, you will find a space for thanksgiving. A little here…a little there! It builds with time; until you enter the lost rhythm of your youth and vent your passion in unrepressed joy – breathing thankfully that you are alive!

Joy has returned. The heart must be kept free of any form of toxic congestion. We must not think life is only about being alone; we need family and friends who can routinely detoxify our hearts by listening impartially to us and helping us become better.

Wherever there is a free course of gratitude, there will be a smooth surge of significance; and where there is significance, there is something to be grateful for. There is no better cycle of joy!   



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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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