The whole confusion about the possibility of advance ambivalence (that is what I can call this thing about) – a physical man behaving like a woman or a physical woman behaving like a man – is another proof of man’s ability to control himself and determine his destiny.

Just the same way people end up poor because they refuse to challenge their conditions and exert a preferred idea over such conditions, that is the same way people become gay or one of LGBT because they “chose” to entertain such thoughts and eventually accepted the possibility and they became what they were thinking.

To be a man, one has to choose to think like a man; and to be a woman, one has to choose to think like a woman. The feelings we may discover in ourselves may not be our choice but the responsibility to retain or reject them is absolutely ours.

How can we then allow a careless thought to suddenly take over the reins of our lives? God has made man upright but he is always seeking out many inventions. He wants to explore possibilities that are completely out-of-place and then leave the blame at God’s doorstep. We have been so made that whatever we give ourselves to, we MUST become.

Is that too much for us to understand? To know that whether you are poor or not, it is your choice, whether you retain your natural form or you thrash it in favor of another that looks appealing to you, it is your choice. For there was no time that anybody sat over your will (even when this is possible, you will still have to make your choice) and interrupted the tendency of your mind to either accept or reject the appeal before it.

It will always be our choice…


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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

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  1. Could not disagree with you more. Firstly, not all people have the option to choose whether they are poor or not. For example, children born in third world countries are brought into an environment that is stricken with poverty. They did not “choose” to be born in a third world country. Furthermore, people/adults that live in third world countries or even in wealthy countries, may necessarily have the “option” to pull themselves out of poverty and into the riches for a number of reasons. Reasons like disability, environment in which they live in etc.

    Secondly, people who are homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and all the others, DO NOT quote “chose to entertain such thoughts and eventually accepted the possibility and they became what they were thinking.”, which does not really make sense. In my own opinion, and in reference to myself, I was born the person I am. I did not “chose” to become homosexual.

    A suggestion: conducting research into the psychological aspects of homosexuality may be of benefit to yourself.


    1. Hi. Thanks a lot for your comment. I really appreciate the candour.
      Think about it this way.
      We all find ourselves in situation that looks pretty much out of our control. Like those born in poor countries. Yet, as it is with every other human condition, the limitation is not in what we see, it is really in the mind of the individual. The fact is whatever state the earth is when a child is greeted to life, it is not the fault of the Creator…it is the result of deliberate actions perpetuated by men (over an extended period) who were caretakers in the form of traditional rulers, monarchs, government leaders as well as tribal heads. It is clear that the prosperity or poverty of any nation is largely determined by the actions of the people as led by their leaders. My country Nigeria is an example…although third world and rated 138th by Global Finance on the basis of per capita GDP, it has all it takes to rank equally with Qatar, the number one country on that scale. They are both oil rich countries, one is rich, the other seems poor. What else can I say? …so, when a child is born in a poor suburb in my country, it is not fair for us to judge the child on the basis of location, we should form our opinion rather on the basis of potential. For what is within the child is more powerful than what is outside.

      It is the same with the issue of sexuality. It is not in any way judgmental to say that if a child comes out male, he is meant to grow up into a man and function as such…it is just the truth. Yet, the truth notwithstanding…if you put a boy in an environment where most of the boys have been raised as gay, then it will be a miracle for the boy to retain his manhood and grow to function in all the parameters of that category. This shows that God does not interfere with the proceedings of a consequence once the cause of action is already set by man. If He does then, a child that drops from a tall building should be suspended in space because it is not aware of the law of gravity.

      My dear friend, I am a researcher at heart and we should both agree that what we are going to research are works of men like ourselves…so there is no reason to think that researching may instruct otherwise. Documented opinion may swing more to your side but it does not change what is true. Any way, science is a creation of man and it works by observation…yet it is not the only means of discovery. We also have Scriptures. It works by revelation and over time science tend to finally agree with it no matter how long it rejects its claims…

      Thank you again.


      1. I will get back to you on my response as I am quite busy at the moment studying towards my degree. You have raised some good points, but I still somewhat disagree. One of those disagreements is that of which you hinted on and that is of a religious context, I will get back to you within a day or so.



      2. Certainly my brother…
        I shouldn’t distract you from some important college work.
        I look forward to your successful completion of this crucial stage of your life. Also…to continue our much more important discussion. I’m really honoured to have your attention at a time like this. Please accept my gratitude again for your apparent courtesy. All will be well with you.


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