Today, I am posting an excerpt from the book, “Working with the Law” by Raymond Holliwell (1900-1986). It is instructive!

“When we speak of a man of principle we mean a man who is governed by the law of right thinking and living; a man who is not easily swayed; a man who is not an opportunist; a man who will not deviate from the path of what he deems to be right for the sake of personal profit or popular acclaim; a man, in short, whom one may trust absolutely to be true to his convictions regardless of the temptations to change or modify them. No one will deny that such a man inspires the utmost confidence and may become a tower of strength and leadership. He is one on whom others rely for leadership, whereas the man who is easily persuaded to yield to pressure, even for kindly motives, is not the type of individual on whom we can depend.”

Raymond Holliwell



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