Despair is a sharp curve we all come across at the outskirts of breakthrough. It is a necessary preliminary to change. We don’t know what will happen or even if we do we don’t know exactly how it will. So, we panic!

…it’s such a paralysing emotion that the body only look forward to suspending pursuits and recoiling to a very ordinary existence.

“What will happen” may not be known but can be decided by what we choose to expect and work towards. When we expect good, we operate faith and when we expect not-good, we are under fear.  The common thing between faith and fear is that what you confidently expect or earnestly dread is unseen in both cases.

We despair here and there at certain points in our life’s journey. It comes as part of a reminder that we still live in a world of people who don’t quite operate the ideals we have chosen to embrace. In the midst of such a cross-circulation of negative energies like economic downturn, bankruptcy, social mishaps, and even the hustle and bustle of daily living, a conspiracy seems to emerge with a warrant to arrest our progress in our individualized pursuits towards a better life. It looks somewhat preposterous to think you can sustain a different kind of mind in the midst of all kinds of turmoil inundating us and the whole society.

We may not be responsible for what we see in society but we are certainly responsible for what is seen in our lives. So, even when despair arises and it looks like we are building castles in the air, we must know that that is a defining moment for us – to make a statement to our subconscious mind on our unchanging course of action.

And in the days to come when we will be accosted by many more interruptions of events in our localities, …we have already built a mind that is immune to such ‘allegations’ on our pursuits.

While we remain humane as events unfold to show our practical side, we must not give up on the ideals we have imprinted on our minds in the moments of despair because the ideals we uphold today are the practicals we experience and in turn offer our world tomorrow.



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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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