When I was younger I always wondered when I was going to gain my own experience. Life looked too slow for me and I’m like when will I build my own experiences?

I must tell you why I was asking these questions. It was pretty much because I was concerned about authenticity. I have been reading, learning a lot about life, integrity, the kingdom of God, purpose in life etc. From my readings, I have developed a mind that was wary of message without life, publicity without credibility, and of course the palpable lip service to integrity that seems woven to our culture in my country.

Imagine me! I’m getting pumped up with a desire to speak out for what is good, to help people understand life, to simplify the converging thoughts of philosophy and spirituality as espoused by primordial thinkers interlacing it with an imperative on the meaning of life. Yet, I am aware of the need to have the life that approves my message. All I wanted was to build that life overnight so that my message will not only be appropriate, it will also have a point of reference from my life. While that magic could not be performed, every new day before me was an investment into my life experience.

Most people are morally bankrupt because they are not willing to punch themselves with what they say they believe nonetheless they want to punch every Tom, Dick and Harry with it. We don’t have the right to promote a certain way of life if that is not our own way. Experience is what gives your message an incontestable ring to it. People may not agree with what is preached but they can’t doubt the proof displayed profoundly in the preacher. If words will not convince some; an impeccable example will shift them from their ground of unbelief. They may still argue but they can’t resist a life calling for positive attention. Now, I have experience but it is never enough…I need more and I am getting it every single day.



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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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