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Here is a story excerpted from the book, “Working with the Law” by Raymond Holliwell. The lesson is so clear: “Forward is better”

“Two boys dove into the river one day, challenging one another to swim across, a distance of about two miles. They swam on with a strong and steady stroke and the lead swimmer, not looking back, continued swimming on toward the other shore. When he walked out on the bank of the river and had completed his swim, he looked back to note that his friend was nowhere near.

He looked more carefully and, behold, there he stood back on the other shore from where they had started. When he met his friend he said to him, “How was it that you did not follow me across the stream and reach the other shore?” The boy who turned back said: “Oh, after I got about half way out I looked back and saw how far I had come and I was afraid I couldn’t make it, so I turned back.”

“But,” said the boy who swam across the stream, “why didn’t you think to look forward as I did, for I saw only the shore coming closer and closer to me with each stroke. Why didn’t you think it was just as hard to turn back to safety as it was to continue swimming to your goal.”

My thoughts!

Motion in life is inevitable; there is nothing like stagnation. You are either going forward or backward; and when you think you are stuck and can’t move, you are actually moving. At least all the forces of nature around you do not remain at the same frequency. Which means ‘not moving’ is a material blunder that portends greater psychological torment because what you refuse to do when you had the momentum will become so hard to begin after losing steam…


This is bad enough! How can you then think it is the best thing to quit on your dreams, to physically disembark from the landmark of all your pursuits, to sit by the sidelines and just allow life to happen to you, to disavow your most cherished ideals all because times are hard? Even the snail did not sell his ticket to Noah’s ark because of his painfully slow movement! From where you are now to your dream is an easier adventure compared to making a u-turn and moving back to your past.

Be persistent. If you must do anything, keep moving forward…

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  Thomas Edison

“Most great people have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”  Napoleon Hill

“Greatness loves the persistent. Failure dislikes the brave.”   Robin Sharma



Even the rat will rather get a helmet than give up…what will you rather do?



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