What happens when what you expect seems not to happen? And when what you don’t expect keeps running around you like a broken tap? And you are just so tired of these familiar sights? What do you make of that?

Could it be a riddle?

Easily, it is no longer contested that what you expect, you manifest. How do we then solve this circumstantial conundrum? When the grain defies your logic and the patterns you are used to, when it seems as if our notions are murderously washed away…

That is when we become even more predictable.

We simply raise a caveat! “I don’t care anymore; I am ready for the worse…bring it on!”

Did you really mean that? Just when we handed over the reins of our life to chance due to the repeated battering we have received, we realized that nothing has changed. There were no coups…the laws of the universe have not been replaced…great foundations of history are still intact! Then what was all this about?

It was just a change in season. Time was changing and even our best thinkers cannot control the season by the way they think. Nothing we did could interfere with this inevitable cycle. Now we had better learn the lesson! There is time for everything, a season to every purpose under heaven! There is time to control our reactions to our circumstances in order to receive the result we desire and then there is a time to just simply lose control and let the tears flow as we are hit by all the upheavals that heralds the new day.

When we know not what to do and when it seems logic is no longer reliable, we should seize all the struggles and just allow the times to unfold as it has been summoned. And when the storms are calmed and the daylight is restored to us, we will see that a new thing has been wrought for us and it was only best for us to watch it unfold.   



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2 thoughts on “Loss”

  1. No expectations = No disappointments. Something I learned a long time ago. It’s hard to not expect though.. so the best thing to do is learn to not take unmet expectations too much to heart and remember that things do and don’t happen for a good reason. Great post!


    1. Thank you so much for your valuable comment Anna.
      We must trust that the Unseen hand that wrought us in mama’s belly is not about to forsake us when the going gets really tough. Appreciated!


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