Are there different types of choice?                                                                                         You chose… yet you didn’t choose.                                                                                       You didn’t choose… yet you have already made a choice.

In response to the question, there has to be two or so types of choice. Or how do we explain this frequent ambivalence that pops up when we are to act or move in a certain direction? Yes, we are sometimes clueless and we just feel that all caution be dismissed and we mumble that killer chorus of a phrase: “what will be will be!” It may have a positive use no doubt but when it emerges in the middle of nowhere where we are not sure of what step to take or what absolute to embrace, leaving all to chance in that case is a bad recipe for desirability.

In fact you are actually feeding something more terrible. Refusal to take a swing into a life built on absolutes is turning ‘relative’ to your absolute and you don’t want to know how that turns out. No matter how little, you have released a yeast that will definitely run up the whole lump of your life, what you believe as well as what you can do.


Granted! We, many times, have to wait to know what to do and/or what side of the divide to be. Yes, wait! Take your time for that is a creative process; mind is loading for a world class performance. You have not released your verdict but work is underway; verdict will soon fall. Then the day breaks on you when you know what to do…what side to stand…what course to spend your life on…what bodily use to encourage by your life…where you want death to meet you!

It wasn’t a bad idea after all that you had to wait. At least you didn’t give up at the relentless plea of the middle line, which would have spurned off on a downward spiral, dismissing everything as relative and which then makes you consider your very life as relative until you do not know what to make of yourself any longer. The fact that you are not someone else fundamentally flaws the idea that everything is relative. No matter how much you resemble your mother, you are not her… the difference will always be clear!

That is what makes the difference in your life too. Make up your mind, exercise your right to choose, don’t leave things to chance, let the difference be clear by where you stand and what you do.


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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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