Encouragement, Virtue



As I watch my son getting ready to walk, I am constantly reminded of the possibilities available in life for those who are resilient and undeterred.

He doesn’t seem to have any worries about anything he wants to do, whether it is standing by the TV and staring into it or trying to pull off the key from the door or moving things to places we have never thought of.

Looking at him is such an amusing experience. I just wonder if I just have half of the courage my little son displays before anything ahead of him, I would be riding the crest of my dreams on full throttle by now. The time it takes for me to cross-examine the ideas I’m considering to implement my dream is too much for my son to carry out any project I have watched him do lately. Whatever his mind pulls him to address, he moves both swiftly and purposefully. You know he is a man on a mission.

Well, my wife and I have to always be on the look out so that we don’t permit a domestic accident like falling off of the chair or pulling down the TV etc. Yet, I always wonder how not to interfere with the courage that I see in him for he will need a lot of it when he clocks my age. And while others are still calculating how it can be done and when it can be tried, he will just go for it and get the job done.

I really like that!


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