We need to understand how the human mind works.

It is a very predicable mechanism that we can operate to our own advantage. Yet, if we refuse to settle down to the discipline of mastering our mind, everything will look mysterious and we will always wonder when things will change in our favor. Napoleon Hill suggests with certainty in his book, Think and Grow Rich, that you must know what you want. He says, definiteness of purpose, a burning desire, what I call FORD’s determination as well as persistence is all it takes to get whatever we want.


We must be sure we are not expecting something that we don’t want. Because you will always get what you expect not what you want. How do you know what you are expecting? Check what you think about all the time and check what you spend your time doing. You may say with one side of your cheek, “I want to have a happy family” and at the same time what you really expect is an unhappy one because of what you are doing. We don’t get what we want all because we wished it. No, we get what we spend time doing. So, if we want a happy family, we must do what fathers do (or mothers or children) that promises fulfillment for everyone in the family.

It is not possible for you to spend your time thinking and working towards a better family and you will not get it. But one thing is possible! It will not happen overnight. What you do when you are doing all you ought to do in order to have a happy family and it doesn’t seem to work is what will determine the end result. Do you persevere? You must continue. Keep at it! The proof that you want what is good must be in your persistence, your refusal to back down on your desire, effort and expectation of the good you want.


Press on, don’t give up! You are where you are because of your repeated affirmation of some habits, even if it is not deliberate. Life and Mind didn’t need to know whether you mean it or not; they simply ushered in what you requested by your repeated action. The mind does not differentiate between reality and imagination. It believes whatever you give it. Why don’t you keep on keeping on? Continue to spend time with your family and think/imagine your family in good times. It is a combination that life cannot refuse. If anything is impossible to you, let it be the fact that what you have set your heart to achieve, which is good, cannot be refused.



“It is not possible for you to be denied what you give your thoughts and your time doing.”



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