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Pastimes have long been dominated by the idea of pleasure seeking, relaxation and actual sleep. We always want to contract back to our routine of rest after a hard day’s job. It is not a bad idea at all; but when all we think about is ‘when that time will come’ when we are at work, we have lost the essence of such a beautiful experience.

What is work? If it is not an outlet for your potential, an activity that engages your spirit, soul and body, a space for the demonstration of talent in favour of a preferable experience, it is noise, disturbance and waste. If work is a delight; pastime is a necessary punctuation to that ecstasy. The ecstatic feeling that builds during fruitful labour usually bends the wrinkle of time until we are fully spent; and the only proper remedial for us will be calm.

The body cringes under a very enterprising soul because of its fascination with possibilities but taking time off of work, a little here, a little there is necessary to avoid a complete breakdown.

No one plans for a breakdown. And even when the breakdown is quite delightful, we will be paying back with currencies we intend for profitable expression. Time. That’s all you got! That all I have. We can’t really overspend it or underspend it. Life balances itself. Wherever we spend too much time, we are saving it for a future payback to some neglected task which might be rest.

And you may ask, “Can a breakdown be delightful?” Definitely! When the beauty of your work is coming out, you know like an artist, that’s when you want to work until you finish, which most times is unreasonable. But I have been there severally. Just when my writeup is taking shape, I seem to receive a high shot of adrenaline and I’m so upbeat about ‘wordsmithing’ that I can stay up hours upon hours, ignoring the pull of sleep, working till I see the end. After which I will sleep with an headache but with every bit of pleasure for that was much more better for me than to loaf around doing nothing and sleeping when the whole world sleeps.

Credit: Image from Mr. Debola Mobee

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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