Just a simple, thought-provoking post here.

What is the process of achievement?

1. Awareness
2. Approach
3. Attitude
4. Achievement

Knowledge is the fuel of awareness.
Thoughtfulness is the force of approach.
Repetition is the secret of attitude.
Consistency is the rule of achievement.

The story has been told of the sea traveler who didn’t know that his fare covered feeding throughout the journey. He brought his own food on board and rationed his little supply until he exhausted it. He then goes to ask the sailor,  “what will it cost me to get a meal?” And to his amazement, the sailor said, “your ticket.” Can you imagine the pain that would have ensued within the man’s heart? How could he have suffered unnecessarily?

That is exactly what happens to most of us. The reason why we don’t demand for another version of reality is because we are too used to what we have known and we never thought there ever was any other type of experience available to us. Everything about you today is a function of your awareness. You will never demand for what you are not aware of. Which means even if it were possible to have a better relationship with people, more financial reward, a preferable living condition, and a more purposeful vocation; the fact that it is not known to you makes it impossible for you to expect. And no matter how much you try to aspire to something better, it will always be within your current level of awareness.

Your awareness is your current level of personal development. It is where you are in your personal pilgrimage to destiny…

NOTE: Always increase your awareness before embarking on the activity of dreaming and self improvement.

Will continue my discuss tomorrow. I will take each of the four steps, a day at a time and we will learn some pretty interesting things about Life & achievement. Keep connected!


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