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Awareness (2)

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How do we begin to live with such an intentionality that makes us conscious of our reactions to the universe?

Awareness is a matter of recognising our reaction to life, outcomes and events. Then we move to cross examine these reactions to identify the weaknesses they represent in us. Reactions simply reveal an inherent, predictable capacity for response built over time due to knowledge, ignorance or self-nature.

Remember, Newton tells us that “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.” Which in our context implies that the manner of our reactions suggest the existence of a vital condition in us. Hence, it is not particularly the action on us (by life, people or events) that determines our reaction; the actions only served as a means of exposing what was there all the while. When you get to the root of activities within yourself, that bottled up experience perhaps that has standardised your responses to anything acting on you, you are about to commence your tutelage in the school of awareness.

When you begin to become aware, you will arrive at a self-concept apart from circumstances. That is one of the main reasons why we should all explore ancient writings that speak to us about our origin and the originally pure state of man. Take the Bible for instance. In several varieties of books in this library, you discover inspired writings about ‘man unspoiled by circumstances’. It shows us what the prototype is for man, representing the ideal that anyone reading should aspire to. An example is the short account of creation in the book of Genesis, where it is written: “…God created man in his own image…” (1:27).

That sounds a powerful note of confidence into man to know that he ought not to disgrace the image of God in him by refusing to take responsibility for his life and by capitulating to contrary circumstances. Winston Churchill says responsibility is the price of greatness. At the point where you mentally withdraw from the hustle and bustle of life and examine yourself, you move from whatever negative point you stand on in the scale of life to neutral. That is zero! When you are at zero, you are ready to survey the endless hectares of achievement ahead of you, you are able to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, you are poised to maximise your strengths and deal with your weaknesses and then you are ready to take your first real step towards predictable success.

Credit: Image from Bob Proctor


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