I’m back today!

I never knew I wasn’t going to blog for 7 days. What?

It happens. We all have experienced this phenomenon. In fact, …is it not a daily occurrence?

Some things were just more important than blogging last week. Yet, I am still trying to keep to my promise to ensure that I write on my blog everyday apart from my other daily writing assignments.

I will keep to it. I am sharpening my skills. I am getting better.

Interruptions sometimes are nasty little things that can make you feel like you are deviating from your goals. Yet, for those of us who can be very pragmatic, I mean really dedicated to their promise of  ‘productive busyness’, it is the only way we can enjoy spontaneity…you know, the many dividends involved in taking things as they come.

There is always a lot to be done! Work will never finish. Whenever I am interrupted, I must therefore take it in good faith, in joy and in realization of nature’s hindsight (of the possibility of over-work leading to exhaustion in a short time). I will keep setting my goals for that is the only way I can be structured and in reaching them, justify my existence.

Again… it is just an interruption. Nothing more, nothing less. It will soon fold up. And if it is a good interruption (like time with family), you better enjoy it before you resume again to your normal schedule.



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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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