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Yeah, it’s REALLY getting better.

How’s it going with you?

Let’s get back to our discussion on achievement. There are four steps already introduced: Awareness, Approach, Attitude and Achievement.

Remember I said:

1. Knowledge is the fuel of awareness.

2. Thoughtfulness is the force of approach.

3. Repetition is the secret of attitude.

4. Consistency is the rule of achievement.

I stopped at “Approach” and I am planning to continue, but before that…

Think about this, if you will…

Is there a “something” that makes a man leap over a long chain of processes to arrive at an amount of achievement that is unfamiliar to most?

Are there not cases of definite, yet seemingly erratic (but not really), factors that can produce the quantum effect for a person?

I will appreciate it if you have a short, concise answer for these questions. If you do, just shoot me one on the comment space below.

Anyways! I’m actually giving you a peep into what I will be discussing once I’m done with the achievement process. I will simply call it, “Quantum”. Just trying to keep my promise of a one-word title for every blog post. I think I’m not doing badly so far. Am I?

Watch out for the next post when I discuss the role of attitude in arriving at our desired destination in life, where we are greeted with the salutes of achievement. We have seen awareness; knowing ourselves and becoming conscious of our gifts (powers), strengths, weaknesses, needs for growth etc and pursuing a lifetime of continuous improvement.

Then “approach” speaks of the particular department of life we surrender all our powers to, discovering our unique callings and anticipating the change we will create as we settle into the actual physical work required of us. That’s where we are so far! We will continue with “attitude” tomorrow.

God bless you.



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