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Attitude is everything.

We should not expect to live without some form of resistance. The weather, the economy, peer pressure, other people’s emotions running can make life look miserable.

But, if you have a clear picture of where you want to be and a fair idea of when you will like to get there, you wouldn’t mind going through all that and still achieve your biggest goals and your life purpose.

Take 100% responsibility for your life. Never allow people who don’t know where they are going to enlist you on their annoyance list. Move on. Try not to lose a relationship even if the person in question is unreasonable. On your own part, let there be a high sense of dignity for your fellow man; for you never know where and when he/she will resurface again. Even a lie spoken against you can put you at a permanent disadvantage.

Let this mind be in you…

We honour people, not because of what they are doing right or their high level of decorum; we respect people because of their affiliation to the One who created all. Even if they choose to remain cantankerous, you have chosen the part of honour and it will be impossible for you not to reap what you sow, either in the same format or in wider ramifications.

Think about it. You always have a choice. Even in the remotest issues of life.

Remember the Austrian Neurologist Viktor Frankl! How he ensured that he controlled his spirit (hence his reactions) in the brutally inhuman set of circumstances that befell him in the concentration camps during the holocaust! What about Nelson Mandela? He was incarcerated for 27 years and when released became the South African President and led a peaceful abolishment of apartheid. What else can I say?

Attitude is what we all exhibit everyday. But what type? Positive or negative? Love or hatred? Good or bad? Honour or disrespect?

Jesus Christ is my biggest example in all things. He set His eyes on the prize ahead of Him (to save mankind from sin); therefore He despised the shame of going to the cross and the ridicule of those whom He had power over. The prize ahead was more important to Him than the temporary adversity He was subjected to.

Which one is MORE important to you? To achieve your goals…to fulfil your destiny…to live your purpose OR to correct an impression (who cares?)…to show you are superior (for what?)…to repay evil with evil (are you happy now?)!!!

I know the one I prefer. I don’t have time to be delayed by trivialities on my life’s pursuit. I have a destination I’m headed for. I’m on a mission. My life must count. What about you?

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