Achievement (3)


Now, let me draw the curtain on these today.

What is the motivation for all noble achievements?

The drive for meaning, the hunger for contribution, the passion for significance, the desire for change, the feeling of fulfillment, the fortune of improvement, the thirst for alleviation, the crave for joy, the passion for compassion, the possibility of influence, and what else?…

In simple terms, we see a need and we meet it; we see a space and we fill it; we see mediocrity and we correct it; we see apathy and we heal it; we see fear and we change it; we see hope and we bridge it; we see possibilities and we claim it; we see implications and we work it; we see the future and we manifest it.

There has to be something in this world that is functioning way below it’s original potential, there has to be a joke at your backyard, there has to be some thing within your reach that hasn’t yet reached it’s fullest potential!


There are echoes all around us; are you listening?

The world cries out for help around you; it beckons for salvation; it longs for redemption; it gasps for attention; it calls for change.

Who will be the change agent? Who will dare the socioeconomic climate to challenge the economics of status quo? Who will break away from the ordinary? Who will champion the next extra-ordinary innovation? Who will solve the problem you are currently coasting around?

You got to be kidding me! It can be government. Government is made up of people and people are always in position to change things if they are so inclined, either in government or not.

“If not you, who? If not now, when? If not this, what?”


The worth of extra-ordinary living is not in celebrity status; it is putting your life at risk to answer a question that has never been answered. So, find the cure…, bend down to amend the things that break your heart, put yourself into the need that stares you in the face, work tirelessly, face the music, ADVISE YOURSELF THAT REMAINING ALIVE WHILE THIS PROBLEM KEEPS COASTING AROUND YOU IS NOT A SENSIBLE THING TO DO…It does not befit your most basic human dignity!

At the end of the day, we all get to realize that MONEY is not really our biggest need, it is MEANING. Or call it POWER! That is, the capacity to facilitate change and to raise a successor generation. That’s real POWER! To help the poor, to offer education to the underprivileged, to rescue the emerging generation from prostitution and corruption, to help people find meaning that can FORESTALL any allurement to all forms of indignities.

Simply, find your calling and live it. Then stretch out of your comfort zone to provide a bridge for someone else to find his calling and live it. Can anything else be so simple? Albeit simple but it can take a life time to do. That’s the idea! A calling is a lifetime preoccupation. Start now! You don’t have all the time. Remember, you will like to show someone else how to find their callings and fulfill it too.


Among many things that preoccupy me everyday is this: Employers always  turn more than 95% of applicants down for obvious reasons like lack of qualifying degrees or competence, poorly written resumes & cover letters and even terribly poor communication skills (with or without degrees). I want to help this 95% that keeps being turned down. To help all of them might mean to rescue whole clans of uneducated people from poverty (at least here in Africa). This is just a little fragment of the things that constantly burns in me as a MUST DO.


Note that what will bring you to significance might not be the things that are paying you huge dollars now. Those little things that you overlook that you think someone else should be responsible for can be your opportunity for significance. I don’t have to think like this. I shouldn’t have to help people to know & understand the obvious BUT does it make me feel good when people can’t get a job due to their own ignorance and not because of no jobs?

That’s compassion. Listening to the overdue message in your soul’s inbox! There is a tired call for rescue in those messages. It will look daunting and/or a waste of time. BUT in it lies your greatest fulfillment.

Jack Canfield told a story of a billionaire who had all the yachts, jets, homes and other stuffs but wasn’t happy. Then he thought, I need to get newer yachts, jets, homes and other stuffs yet it didn’t make him happy. Then a friend invited him to donate wheel chairs for children in Haiti (or so?) and he was asked to join the ceremony. He did. He helps a child to his new wheel chair and turns away but the child held on to him and said, “I want to ‘memorize’ your face so that when I get to heaven I can thank you for this deed”. The billionaires recounts that, that was the very first time he felt alive. What a thrilling, goose-pumping experience it was for him!

If your passion has made you profits, let your compassion take a segment of the needs of this world into philanthropic considerations. Helping others get what they want is the ONLY way we can feel that we are fulfilling our purposes.




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