Quantum (2)

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I left off the other time by saying that we must be content with the consequences of our ‘ignorance’. That is because the “mass of ignorance” in action at any given time and space rightfully claims our approval.

Fate is a psychological construct that explains the resultant events that crown a long series of human actions and/or inactions. Yet while it is easy to accuse fate for all our ills/setbacks/shortcomings, and mischievously take personal responsibility for our meagre achievements, which could just be a form of ‘respite’ from the popular cycle of events; we display our utter ignorance and further complicates our system of outcomes.

Destiny is the journey we all fantasise about and it is a very exact, calculable adventure or a place of joy and fulfilment that we navigate by constantly diminishing/reducing the mass of ignorance we propagate within our lives. Just like a little rudder stirs a great ship through a determined course to a desirable destination, a little stint of light that you subject your awareness to (and then expand) can stir your personality through the mass of confusion in today’s world and safely put you on destiny’s shore.

Here is the point: today, right now, act on what you know no matter how little the knowledge. If knowledge is not used there can be no power for change.

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