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Quantum is the idea that there is a ‘mass of ignorance’ that makes our current awareness incomplete and that makes us attempt actions and reactions in keeping with that level of consciousness which offers inevitable yet predictable outcomes.

The size of this ‘mass of ignorance’ depends on our openness or close-mindedness to the little sparks of enlightenment around us. The divine order that has been set by God makes it impossible for you not to be without a window of perception into the subtle or stubborn expressions of ignorance in your life. When you refuse to accept the call to investigate your shortcomings by yourself and without external involvement, the circumference of perception is inevitably extended to onlooking mankind; so that they can take the baton of revelation from you due to personal irresponsibility and then externalise your ignorance, which in most cases offends more than helps.

There is nothing less than desirable about you that is public knowledge that didn’t have it’s fair chance of appeal with you in private confrontations through your conscience. Refusing is a clear message of announcement. We must then learn to live with the consequences of our cowardice.

— To be continued

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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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