Life Mastery

Quantum: Awareness

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Having written in previous posts about awareness, I am still drawn to write about it today. It’s amazing to realise that that which plagues a man as far as his physical existence is concerned is nothing beyond his ability to correct or heal. Both minimal and acute challenges are offspring of disorder: misplacement of value.

…because life is not a rehearsal, every little pocket of disorder we facilitate due to our level of awareness (or “mass of ignorance” depending on which is more) brings definite repercussions. That may look like harshness but it is just the way things are! There are no stunts to be performed in real life. If you jump up, your mother will not suddenly take your place in landing. It is he who jumped up, that we expect to see at a state of rest.

The mere experience of resistance (which translates to struggle, failure etc) is the clearest and loudest indication that you have aided and abated disorder. Calmness will heighten observation. With focused thinking on that condition, you will soon identify the blunder you elicited into universe. Therefore, it will be correct to say that the purpose of challenges is correction.

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