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The idea I have been espousing in the past few days is the fact that it does not take a huge version of ignorance to permanently disable the potentialities of an individual. That developing assumption in the form of a perception continues to loom over such a deeply wounded person until it becomes the only point of reference available to his conscious mind.  And then he comes to the point where the only way he perceives his existence is in self-depreciating categories.

A slight missing link in the configuration of your awareness can set you on a spin of misery that you can’t account for. You can’t say for sure: this is the reason why I have been so miserable. You just seem to think that you are not lucky. In fact when you ponder your position, you can only react to the physical and emotional symptoms of what you are faced with albeit ignoring the real action of asking breakthrough questions.

In life, man must realize that the problems confronting him are never accidental (they are a result of definite causes); and if he must also break the cycle of misery, he must choose to decline the impulse to dialogue in reactionary categories and proactively set-off his own new causes (that will require a response from the besieging challenges) which will neutralize the existing reality.

So, if you are wondering why you have lost a loved one and in thinking about it, it is always done in fits of pain, anger and tears. That is reactionary. The dead will not wake up except the Lord wills it so. Instead, you can choose to ask questions like this: what is the purpose of life? what is the purpose of pain? what legacy did he/she leave behind? How am I preparing for my own day of exit from the world? What must I achieve before I die? How will I live differently henceforth? Etcetera.

Now, with these questions you have made a slight turn from grieving to learning. The remaining years available to you will do better with learning than grieving. I do not in anyway suppose that one should never grieve at all. No! You should, but how long? It can’t be forever. While you grieve, ask the right questions as supplied above and you will suddenly discover a change in your perception which will strengthen you for the days to come. That slight change in the way you viewed your loss will yield quantum returns to you in gains.

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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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