Life Mastery

Quantum (5)


“That which is repeated more often in your life is the single most important factor in your development.”

Whatever is consistent with you will become permanent for you. The way you see your life, the measure of value you ascribe to yourself and the world around you, the actions you repeat (either with leisure or pressure)…are resolving the final/permanent realities of your life. Every time you repeat a thing, you reinforce it; you are making it difficult to control it.

THE MORAL: Repeat that which represents the highest version of yourself. Despise that which mocks your potential let alone entertain it. By repeating what you prefer, you are making it permanent and by making it permanent you are asking it to control you instead of you controlling it. Think about the future you want…the change you long to create (as I do) and not what you hate about today…or worries about the future. You always give your power to what you think about the most even if it is that which you detest. And as a result, you keep manifesting that which you think about (either it is what you want or what you don’t want).

Only put that which you want in your mind, not that which you don’t want. For whatever the immediate future meets in your mind will become your experience.

— Olamide OPEYEMI


Credit: Image from Google


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