The Law of Opposites (3): Relationship


We also find this principle in all forms of relationship. Would you agree with me if I said that, “if everybody were exactly like you, life will be boring and you won’t really like it?

Now, although we often welcome external differences like difference in gender, competence, culture, education etc, we tend to resist any difference manifesting as an opposite to what we think, what we want to do, what we think is right and so forth.

The very fact that there is such a difference shows healthy contrast and that is the appropriate atmosphere for increase. When we don’t understand this, we turn such differences into demons. You feel you are been undermined instead; and you excessively put “you” in the picture and that “you” is a low version of you that is resisting growth while refusing to see the  progress that may result.

The essence of friendship is not to have people who never raise an objection to your opinions or think through (through their own worldviews & mindsets) any of your rational inclinations/anticipations. There has to be a viewpoint that you never see (or is it saw?) that someone else will see, a way of doing things that is quite strange to your own methods and long-range priorities that differ in their moral categories.


Whatever the difference, it is most ideal to befriend people whose idiosyncrasies might be opposite to ours yet we share a number of long-range priorities as well as mutual moral/spiritual stance. Where the case is inverse, there is no enduring principle to uphold such a friendship.

We may not behave alike but believing the same things might be a good plan to explore and a better place to start.


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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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