The Law of Opposites (4): Marriage


In marital union, and I must say that I am very traditional in this, the obvious coming together of male and female till death do them part is a big indication of the perfection that can result from “oppositeness”.

Man and woman, many things in common yet many things in difference…the history of mankind and its destiny is incontrovertibly bound to this “mysterious” union. Much has been written and many more will still be penned on the marital relationship, but I must say that what we don’t understand about it is more than what we do understand.

Apart from the “oppositeness” of background, education, sometimes culture and language, a man and a woman in matrimony is the highest depiction of friendship available to mankind. That is where you have differences and similarities cohabiting quite comfortably; a little rough edges here, a few adjustments there. Physiological differences even crowns the symphony of beauty made possible (in marriage).

Yet when divorce occurs, is it not a discontinuation of what is known in order to embark on another unknown, the blinding infatuated preoccupation notwithstanding? Mankind is quick to disclaim that something does not work meanwhile it is him/her that is unwilling to work it. And once you have created fantastical pictures in your mind of an ideal that contrasts what you are currently experiencing (no thanks to Hollywood), usually in physiological categories, any argument of reason to dissuade such an outcome (like divorce) will be unsuccessful unless there is a divine intervention.

What you are as a man is made complete and perfect in the contrast that the woman provides. And what you are as a woman is not necessarily an affront/protest to the realities in a man’s psyche. If man and woman understands their individual uniqueness and its place in the equilibration of the spouse’s contrasting realities, there will hardly be a rough edge that does not bound them all the more together than separate them.

Understanding is the lifeblood of a successful male-female matrimonial relationship. 

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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