Work & Play


Still on the law of opposites…

The pendulum of life also swings between the opposites of work and play. Work is the rent we pay for occupying space at a given time in our current dimension of our existence. This rings as though there is an occupation that must become your preoccupation for the continued existence of the world as we know it.

However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, not just that recreation is important but that it is the only balancing alternative to work. Rest could be perceived as the receipt life issues us for paying our dues of work appropriately. When we slow down to rest and play, it should be seen as our well-earned opportunity to savour the quality of work done and our depth of commitment to making society better through our chosen callings.


Both sides must be taken as mutually inclusive*. The continued existence of one is the sustenance of the other. Whenever anyone of them becomes the dominating factor (especially work) in any mortal, it is either the purpose of work is not understood or the old defunct Nazi camps have been resurrected. We work to make sense of our lives, to contribute to other people’s meaning making aspirations and to value the world we live in with all the opportunities it offers us. Indeed, work is a meaning making experience for us and when we do our jobs well, we create memories in our minds that make us want to live (due to the ongoing legacy we are scribbling on the soft screens of a generation’s mind) in spite of all possible physical challenges.


…and then we rest to replenish ourselves. That is, to make ourselves fit for work again which in effect is to sustain our cumulatively ascending impact on society. So when we work, we are preparing to rest; and when we rest, it’s only a prelude to renewed action. None of them makes meaning in and of itself. The meaning is in the context of its contrasting opposite. And the history of mankind has proven this cycle as life-elongating.


* It is somehow true that we can’t work and rest at the same time yet the word “mutually inclusive” is preferred over “mutually exclusive” because both work and rest are causes that can act on each other making the other an effect of its action(s). So, we work to rest and we rest to work.


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