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“You will become as small as your controlling desire, as great as your dominant aspirations.” James Allen

As I think about the possibilities of life and the opposites that may result, I am more and more convinced that we are all products of our choice(s).

We are always making choices and these preferences are sending signals to our future, predetermining the possibilities we can experience.

Some excuse their less than admirably lives on the circumstances of their past lives yet to have done that is to have decided how your past will influence your present. The combinations of circumstances in our pasts are necessary tools that forms the foundation of whatever we want to become in the present. We can choose to whine and minimise ourselves and we can choose to shine and maximise the opportunities before us to re-write our life’s story.

The circumstances of the past forms an outline of progress that you can build on in the present. You can take responsibility for your past and get a chance to inspire a generation with the story of your recovery and the noble convictions you have since developed or you can despise yourself and wonder when your life will be fixed by whoever messed it up. And you must know that the latter affords a long, endless wait for the unlucky candidate.

Think my friend! There are many more millions of people on the lowlands of life wondering why they are alive and lumping their cluelessness on another clueless individual.

What if you arise and put your past behind you? What if you change your assumption? What if you choose to see that others are waiting for an inspiring recovery from you that can motivate them to greatness? What if you replace your diminishing self-dialogue with a God-honouring view of yourself?

You might not have decided your current situation (but trust me, the combination of your past choices or choices of people responsible for you have created the circumstances that resulted in your current situation) but you can now, with a presence of mind, deliberately choose the contents of your future.

So, whether it was your choice or someone else’s, you now have the chance to make your own choices and to use the positive transformation resulting from it to awaken the despondent masses around you.

Credit: Image from @cjaynewton

Will continue our series on the Law of Opposites shortly…

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Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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