# The Law of Opposites


I cracked a bit of thoughts on marriage a few days ago. And I pretty much analysed it through the lens of the inundating opposite realities around us. Now, I need to emphasize something else.

History provided in the Holy Bible reveals that God puts the first man to sleep, took a rib from his side and made a woman (Gen. 2:20-25). In that ideal state, the most pronounced picture of marital relationship is completeness. Adam said, She is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh (v.23).

Clearly the preposition “of” is both grammatically and mathematically indicative of sameness. There is a proportional exchange kick-started then that must continue if the relationship is to live up to divine expectations. Since she is of him, the continuous inter-mixture of emotions, affection, communication and preoccupation also makes him to be of her. Which means this is both a principle and a practice.

And obviously since this episode, the rest of mankind have had to come through the woman.

The principle cannot fulfill its own obligations because it’s just a statement explaining the basic behavior between man and his wife. Just like the knowledge of mathematical facts such as 1+1 = 2 does not in any way translate to physical  currency of $2 in your pocket. Cash at hand is due to effort; without work done, there can be no compensation (generally speaking).

Hence, when Adam called her woman, it was another indication of sameness, meaning whatever you call her – she will be to you. And there are many things men are calling women: mum, darling, love, !*!?!* etc. She is what she is because of what you call her, as a man with a womb (woman) she will also be “pregnant” with whatever “good” converts from your own initiative.

So, to be taken out of man to stand as an independent entity is unquestionably reinforcing the fact that man is separate and woman is separate. They have difference views, dreams, drives, cycles etc yet what makes them one is a stronger principle compared to their physical (often more projected) differences.

Here is the twist: Since she is brought out of man, it is for a purpose; and it is to complete him. The difference is not for division/divorce, it is for completion. You complete him and he completes you.


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