Another ‘opposites’ that comes to my mind is the fact that we can evenly distribute every single person alive into two groups: religious and irreligious.

Just saying generally…

Yet, I am currently perturbed by an idea in my mind. Do you know that more than two-third of the controlling ideas on earth today are either from religious texts or commentaries of the same in the arts, sciences, philosophy, government etcetera?

What does that tell you?

Crowds gather around religion more than any other phenomenon. And you better believe it; whenever you see a crowd, it is either a religious meeting or a social gathering that has taken on the root influence of religion in its underlying assumptions.

Hence, whether you believe in God or not; you do believe in something. Even if the something (or someone) is yourself. At least you will have certain beliefs that hold you in their grip more or less like a liturgical creed.

Your belief is your religion. And if that is something terrestrial or a philosophically constructed deity (which only exists in the mind), you have given yourself to a belief system invented by man (a man like yourself)… as long as a man knows the beginning of a thing then it should mean its end is moderated by his whims and caprices.


I have chosen to belief in that which remains a mystery to man yet with a reasonable logical underpinning.

To remain in mystery is to remain alive: for if I were to know all there is, I will lose the sense of wonder (for wonder loses its charm when there is nothing else ahead that can surprise me to joy) and life will be too uninteresting for a fulfilling existence and all possible anticipatory experiences.

What am I saying?

We are all religious. But some have chosen to believe in things that have amputated their intellectual capacity for reason. I have believed in Christ Jesus as Lord and as the Son of God; and he is the King to come and I long for his appearing…

I must tell you: this believe is absolutely by free will, not by coercion nor by intimidation (as science and many religions often try to do – and unfortunately some manifestations of Christianity).


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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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