The Vector of Ignorance


Vector is  magnitude and direction.

From its latin origin, it actually means vehere – to carry. Vector is a carrier. There is an occupied space and that which occupies the space is in constant movement (motion).

So, what would you call the Vector of Ignorance?

For knowledge to occur, it will either be by pursuit or by error. One is proactive; the other is reactive. One is initiative; the other is corrective. Where there is no pursuit/passion/desire for knowledge, all possible enlightenment is left to painful experiences (due to avoidable errors).

This implies that unless there is a situation of great stress, there is no emotion distributed towards knowledge (in order to solve a problem). The vector of ignorance is an attitude that shuts down or interrupts the forward motion of a person and takes him/her to a less than desirable state. 

The vectors of ignorance will then be complacency, convenience, confidence, capitulation and competence.

These 5 Cs perpetuates a type of ignorance that is a bit difficult to arrest. Here is the point: every level of life is bridged by knowledge. If you don’t know what it takes (and do what it takes), your expectation will remain a desire. Knowing what it takes is all about awareness. The vectors mentioned are transmitters of ignorance that reduces your capacity for awareness.

When you are complacent, you can’t recognize opportunities for your promotion. In that case, complacency becomes a vector of ignorance that bears the weight of your life in its auto-selected direction, which is always downward (or backward). By this I mean that the direction your life is taking heavily depends on your awareness. And whatever is interfering with your awareness becomes the decider of your fate. It will carry you to its own self-fulfilling, logically-satisfying destination.



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