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Men identify more with results… no offence meant

That which readily speaks commands more attention than that which currently stammers (even if it has the hope of ‘clear speaking’ in a short while).
If you understand human nature, you will take no offence. Or at least if you feel a bit embarrassed, you will control your emotions from overflowing in offence… You are likely to act out the same script if it were you.

So, what do we have to learn from this?

You too, bring forth fruits…produce results…give people reasons to turn their attentions toward you…let your superior performance speak for you. Put forth something into the recognition space, you know, that place where men get to see what you are doing and they can’t mistake it for another person’s.

However, there might be more of that initial showdown; for there will always be someone outdoing, outperforming and outworking you. There is no use competing with whoever these people are. But let their performance challenge you or inspire you. Let it be the activator of your latent creativity. This overly emotional experience can be used as a raw material for quantum-leap stretching. It can stretch you for your new level of performance.

Yet in all these, remember to retain your individuality.

You are different. You will never be the same with any other person. Grow in your uniqueness. Never downsize yourself for the beauty in another. You have your own unique beauty within. Bring it forth! If you are inspired to make a difference, let it not be a repetition of some one else’s performance. Stand out. The inspiration should draw out your own from within you and not a rehearsal of another man’s unique performance.

Don’t stop producing. Don’t take offence when the world is not focusing on you…when the spotlight is not on you. Stick to your potential. We all have our times for recognition. Appreciate the glory of others. Relish your own work. It will speak.

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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