Thoughts, Mastery & Truth


Thoughts are things.

We may think that we can cover up our thoughts for a long time. But we don’t realize that the more we hold them tightly in our minds, the more it moves us and makes us and eventually diffuse into our whole system becoming one with us.

So, ultimately we become what we have been thinking all the while. Whether there was any hint of it in our countenance (or attitude) or not. What we think of ourselves will often come to the surface… of course depending on the situation.

Those millisecond judgments we pass concerning ourselves in comparative categories can get easily picked up by intuitive people. You have forgotten that whoever you minimize yourself to is also a pilgrim on this earthly sphere and is not supervising other mortals on their “pitiable struggles”. He/she, no matter how made, has a lot to grapple with in their own mind/consciousness.

Mastery over the mind is a continuous effort. It is both a state and a service. You build up your mind until you reach the state of control over your thoughts (and other people’s mindset about you) and then you are required to service your mind in keeping with the conditioning that has built you up to that point or else relapse sets in.

Yet there might come a time when the conditioning thought or doctrine that has brought you enlightenment so far can not stand up to the peculiar challenges of your present struggles. It is only logical for you to embrace a new thought or doctrine that does not necessarily cancel all your preconceived morality but lifts you to a new understanding entirely that seems all-encompassing and shows you the loopholes in all other thoughts that might seem good but are quietly or profoundly flawed.

The most profound thing about such new thoughts is that they are not new after all. In fact, they are older than all mankind has ever believed. So, when Christ said that I am the truth, truth is no longer a set of theories to debate, it is a life, an expression that never fell short to truth (in theory) and thereby became a complete substantiation of truth that man can relate with either he is philosophically sophisticated or not.

And He is the Alpha and Omega which clears any doubt about the timelessness of truth. So, with Christ all people, regardless of their status in society, can have access to Him if they believe.


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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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