Be still…

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The rate at which the world is spinning these days is no longer jet-like…we don’t really have an accurate expression to describe our “predicaments” anymore.

Is it information overload? Or repetitive cycle of night and day? Or how we have lost the sensible space between breakfast, lunch and dinner? They all happen so fast and always catching us unawares that we seem to surrender at their slightest threat to attend to their demands. Or should we just say, we have lost control over our lives?

We all live in several multiple worlds than we can possibly admit or account for. And the interconnectedness? That’s right! Everybody wants your attention and you wonder if you really know yourself anymore as you watch with characteristic detachment your life tossing back and forth in a game of ping-pong with more players than two.

You may not agree with me but here is what I just told myself yesterday:

“You can’t move at the rate the world is moving. It is endless and it will only kill you before your time.”

While hard-work is one of the hallmark of responsible citizenship, the amount of work done (volume) does not necessarily determine compensation these days. Yet there is a crystal star shining conspicuously through this darkness. Man can be attentive to God. He can listen for direction. He can choose calm over noise. And he can…hear a voice behind him saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it”. Such a direction (sometimes through his intuition) might eliminate our clumsiness and cluttered state. Such a revelation can simply put before you the activity (or the particular opportunity) that will generate the best outcome and then you are narrowly saved from wasting your energy on what is bound to fail.

Be still! It might be a word that will come to you and when you refuse to react to issues (or people) as they arise, you then speak such a word and it becomes a “word of wisdom” that calms the storm and saves you from unnecessary heartaches. Meanwhile if you had spoken like others, you would have multiplied confusion or attract enough suspicion to yourself as well as offense as the case may be.

What can it be? Anything at all. Can you stay still and save yourself from untold hardship that might result from your verbal retaliation? Can you wait and sense which of the dazzling opportunities before you will make it? We just have to find a way to make life work more than whatever our experiences are currently. One of which is to “be still and know that I am God”.



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Scripture Quotations are from Isaiah 30:21 and Psalm 46:10, in that order.

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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