Soak it in!


We only get a chance at this thing called “Life”.

We’ve got to have a strategy that works on the long run. Punching it in and out from the top of your head is not a bad idea for spontaneity but where we have a superior approach to life, spontaneity will be at an almost divine level. (The idea is that we can only be spontaneous based on the mean of our overall performance in life – that is, your average experience is the only pool from which you can generate spontaneous results)

Now, we have ample opportunities to be joyful. Is it a birthday, a wedding celebration, the birth of a baby, a new job?…all those kind of quantum life experiences that brings the joy that we long to sustain in our spirits. In these moments of ecstasy, do you soak it in? Are you present in the moment? Do you make the joy your own even if the event is not about you?

Joy is in levels. You can settle into the feeling of joy for God’s mercies upon you, for the gift of your life (to the world), for your growing capacity in an area of endeavor, that you literally (as it were) enter into further knowledge of your joy that makes you larger than life and elevates you to the pinnacle of spiritual perception – where you gain an almost unabridged perspective on (your) life.

And what’s more! Know that every moment of joy can either be your seed or your harvest. If it’s your harvest, it cannot expand; it ends after the moment lifts. But if it’s your seed, that joy is raw material for you; you use it to build further experiences of joy. So, you realize that every good thing that comes your way is God’s gift (seed) to you to build your capacity for gratitude in order to put yourself in a permanent state of creation.

Seed is given to the sower and bread to the eater*. Don’t let your “seeds” dissipate into thin air. So, while it’s good to express joy, you might want to try the 20-80 ratio. Express 20% while you soak in the remaining 80%. By the time others have resumed their not-so-pleasant routines (after joy has dissipated), you find more joy in you than you can express (consume) immediately.

What’s the wisdom here? There are always low times. The Preacher told us in Ecclesiastes that there is “a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance”. When you allow joy to settle into you like a seed enters the ground and then germinates, it means you will have enough fortitude to bear your losses when they come. It means heaven has so much prevailed with you that you will always find something to be grateful for in spite of your immediate ‘misery’.

Every time you hear a good news, enjoy it, relish it, relive it. By soaking it in, you will build such an energy that the excess balance (which cannot be expended there and then) will assume its usefulness when the low times come calling.


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* Drawn from Isaiah 55:10c

Scripture quotation from Ecclesiastes 3:4, The Holy Bible (King James Version)

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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