Where do you place your value?


Not talking about all the integrity stuff we get to hear everyday.

Albeit valid, several people have grown quite uninterested in such moral sermonizing. (I have not, for how then will I live without integrity?)

However, have you ever considered that, “what you have today is more important than what you don’t have?” You know, it just occurred to me the other day that we tend to spend most of our times thinking about what we don’t have, where we’ve not been, whom we’ve not met etcetra.

While I am not particularly advocating for denying our aspirations and/or discontinuing our love affair with Hope, are we ever present in today to recognize that we have certain things that in a fair comparison with what we seek will assume more meaning, color or priority (value). You know what I mean?

The easiest way for me to explain this is:

Are you grateful that you are alive? For it is the privilege of life that serves us the opportunity to aspire for new experiences, positions and possessions. Meanwhile you might bully yourself into wondering why others have got certain things you don’t have yet I wonder if you will need any of these if you were six feet beneath the earth. Not trying to be morbid though, but I am amazed at how we easily dismiss certain noble privileges (like life, family, worship) on the altar of desire (for a new job, new apartment, new ‘toys’, new this and that).

I think the best way to structure your desire is this:


Same 80-20 principle. Pareto didn’t see his principle getting this far. Spend 80% of the time grateful for the great things of life you didn’t pay for or make happen by yourself (like worship, family – you didn’t decide to whom you will be born even if you decided to whom you eventually belong in marriage, and life) and the remaining 20% on aspiring.

The secret to aspiration is not spending all your time feeling dissatisfied with everything. If that were the case, then you are indirectly saying you are dissatisfied with “that which is to come”. Because it’s just a matter of time…if you can be dissatisfied with everything, you have created a pattern in your life that says “whatever enters your life will eventually be tagged ‘not valuable'”.

Again, all the new things you will like to experience, when you do experience them…you need family and friends to share in the joy or can you enjoy your life all alone without any company at all? And when men have retired to their night rest, are you not left alone with God? What will you do again but to be grateful for your life, the privilege of family and friendship and all the good things that have crossed your path in rapid succession?

To say it in a different way, “what you have today is more important than what you will have tomorrow”. And trust me, tomorrow’s blessing cannot get any better treatment than what is currently obtainable for today’s privileges.



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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

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