Your Dominant Thought


Your dominant thought will determine what you see in the world.

***Thinking mode activated***

You will always find what you are looking for.

The world is a place with multiple contexts, activities, actors, spectators etcetra. We can’t take in everything within our material proximity. Even though the brain is inundated with millions of thoughts at every given time, how many of those can ever be presented to our conscious awareness for requisite action?

The answer is simple. We carry with us preferred pictures (images) in our mind based on the most intriguing or exciting or scaring experiences we’ve had in the past (both recent and not so recent). Man’s subconscious mind is full of pictures, contexts that can hardly be challenged by anything or anyone. It has been installed by circumstances, cultures and all kinds of comparisons we were subjected to especially in the formative periods of our development. As we meet new people and have new experiences, we are bound to interpret them within the “contexts” of our conditioning.

So, both the fact that we all already have a “prejudiced” mind (because we all have a functioning subconscious mind) and we have certain thought concentrates (conscious thoughts that represents our overall subconscious content) which we regularly hold in our minds that we use to interpret what we see and that immediately narrow down the myriads of thoughts in our minds to those few that are in agreement with them.


Okay. That’s too much of crowded, perhaps poorly stringed words. But here is what I mean. Even now, the few things you can think about (per time) however new, are those things that can effectively represent the features of your development so far (either positive or negative).

Therefore, we are left to interpret the world according to how developed we are in the way we think and perceive the goings-on of life. While some people will see negatives in a positive event, some have a way of seeing positives in so-called negative events. A lady that has been abused as a child or sometime in between will not perceive romantic love the same way with one with a much saner development. Except of course she has been helped.

We all have several cataloged experiences in our subconscious mind that instantly present their judgment of people and situations. If you want to turn that around positively, you will need to choose to be aware of what you are thinking. Choose to think your preferred experience: the themes of love, justice, security, life, joy, faith, eternity, God, opportunities, prosperity, and family. If you will sustain such a thought throughout the day, it will attract similar experiences to you. You will see less of the opposite and more of what you have chosen.


And if you do that consistently for thirty days, you will successfully pass on a new thought into your subconscious mind which will eliminate its opposite from its long held position. (Two opposite thoughts are not likely to cohabit in your subconscious mind. Even when we think of ambivalence, you have to see it in the light of the clash between the conscious and subconscious mind). Phew! What else?

We have more capacity for control (over our minds) than we have presently mastered. We can do better than we are doing at the moment. As James Allen echoed the undying words of Scriptural Proverb, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Your predominant thought will determine what you see in the world and what you eventually become. Congratulations, it’s up to you!



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