What do you think?

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We know what others think and we are so ignorant about what we really really think. We pander to others, always downsizing ourselves while those same people too pander to some others and downsize themselves until there will be no sense of dignity & humanity in us all anymore.

Should we only think of what we think? An emphatic No! For if that was the case, how then shall we live with our fellow men? How shall man and wife have a common purpose? How shall governments tame the forceful, negative tendencies of its citizens? How shall you make your OWN point clear to others (friends, family etc)? It is clear that we can’t advocate that kind of policy for it will certainly backfire on us…

Here is what I’m saying: if all your decisions are exercised along the lines of what other people think, you are setting a weak precedence for your life. What will happen when you have to stand for yourself and make a decision all by yourself? You get to a point where everyone backs down and sheepishly defer to you cos they eventually see the foolishness in always overstepping their boundaries to impose their ideologies on you.

And I hope we all see it… Always trying to help others with their decision-making is not helpful. It makes them permanently dependent on others. While helping is not wrong, we should help in such a way as to make others more independent and if they are dependent at all, it will be a better version: interdependence. And that is, not despising the place of right, timely, wise counsel from others.

Now, concerning your next decision: what do you think? Take all the evidences, that is, all counsel and opinions offered by friends and family and even yourself; put them through the crucible of your thoughts and fair judgment. Does it undermine the purpose of God? Does it infringe on the rights of your fellow men? Does it put you in a place of advantage in the long run? Is it one that you will be able to defend any time as your life unfolds?

So, what do you think?

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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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