Hardly do we ever go through a day without a subtle clash on our self-esteem. I know this for sure because our daily interactivity with people, directly or indirectly, awakens our sense of judgment to measure ourselves by others or measure others by ourselves.

Don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about. Even now assuming the reader is a blogger, something makes him/her to put this article or the entire blog on a scale, not necessarily standardized, based on his/her own blogging experience: in many ways sieving the creative potentialities of the subject by years and years of his/her own accumulated experience. Now, it’s just the trend we are used to. We compare ourselves with ourselves.




Or let me ask: what is the definition of excellence in any field? if not the prevailing idiosyncratic features derived from these icons – or is it idols? – of so called originality.

Yet when you cross-examine the littlest scintilla or atom of these familiar assumptions, you wonder that every conceivable mannerism of these superstars – in every industry – are installed one after the other in an endless revision of criterion. Which essentially implies that a total rookie next door or even in a far-flung continent can also try out varying combinations of actions based on his eccentricity and environment and of course with persistence will definitely win a place at the left hand of stardom (if not the right).




Okay! So back to my assumption. Is it possible for you to meet people and interact with them, in all the varying gamut of relationship, without putting them to a scale with you as the main benchmark or put yourself to a scale with them as the main benchmark or an extensive measurement reflective of your experience so far? Compare and contrast? That is the new mathematics of human relationship. And it might not be new after all…

Clearly, our self-image is seriously at risk of fizzling out into the oppressive atmosphere of celebrities. Is this some kind of conspiracy to crown banality over the integrity of our own uniqueness? The strength of man to resist this scheme is declining more and more.

And to that end, man will always take a recourse to his last resort, which is, transcendence. That which is beyond him, that which is beyond everyone and that which is sweatlessly beyond all the possible advancements of man. It is good to be confident but when you have scaled all the heights of human ambition and you are on top of it all, and there is no one else to compare yourself to anymore, then you will suddenly awake to a new reality: that there is yet more that is beyond you and even if you had another life, you could not plumb its depths. It will be crystal clear to you that, “there is a God and you are not Him.”




Those of us who have this otherworldly confidence in the Supremacy & Sovereignty of God know that the good we see in others that dwarfs our own development is only a call to higher grounds. Without such timely challenges, we will sink into a rather redundant routine where we are quite content with our little graces meanwhile we have not yet touched let alone tasted the stronger meats of life’s nobler achievement(s). Virtues such as meekness and humility may not be heroic in days like these but they are the jewels of the next life’s coming attractions.

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.



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Scripture quotation from The Holy Bible, Matthew 5:5, King James Version

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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