…And if the world doesn’t stop?


When things suddenly take a miserable turn, as though heaven’s help is withdrawn… and we begin to stutter at our recollection of past interventions, finding words to aptly chronicle our recent predicaments, and frantically protesting this abrupt intermission in our all-too-glorious autobiography taking “ages” to complete; does it astound us that life continues?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Your competition’s success doubles overnight, the neighbor next door buys a new home, your best friend gets married, the stock market experiences a boom, life just seems to get better for everybody (except you!); the world didn’t miss a single action and it didn’t tire out because you were missing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Should that not teach us a lesson? The machinery of life is still in progress. The laws of life have not gone on a recession. Possibilities have not been foreclosed. Joy has not been banished. Success is not quarantined. Why will you not see a glimpse of hope in the sheer indifference the world displays at your failure? Could it not be that this very indifference is what you require to recover early from this cruel malady? …than sinking further into misery in the arms of sympathizers who are (most likely, unknowingly) lulling you to permanent disability. Arise and quit yourself as a man (or woman); avail yourself of the relentlessness associated with the human spirit and replace your weak reality with that which is surging in your heart (that longing for all-round expansion).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There’s more to learn from the world’s harshness than recoiling into your shell and waiting for a new world to supplant the present. And if the next ages were to resume now, are you armed with requisite particulars for admittance?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Every setback, disappointment, failure only has the moment of your existence for possible redress. Now is the time to step in and continue your pilgrimage in this conundrum called Life. If the world did not end because of your unpleasant experience, then you should not expire on account of a “momentary” disturbance on your ascent to greatness.

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