The Littleness of Greatness

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The mind has a way of playing a trick on us. We see things and we suddenly take a posture of self-measurement – either minimising ourselves or exaggerating ourselves to what we see. What is it in a thing (house, car, gadgets) that could make a person to subsidise his potential for greatness? Why do we have to measure ourselves by what we see?

The ideal individual is the one that measures what he sees by himself. The amount of wealth buried deep down within a man is much more than the world is currently gloating about. The world within is greater and better than the world without. If not for anything, the fact that all modernisation has brought is just a manifestation of what man has within him. Hence, to the enlightened person, the balance – or difference – of what we see and what is yet unseen in the world, which is a vital reality in man, is a call to greatness.

So, when I think of greatness, I think of something so big, so gigantic and yet so small that it can be resolved easily into the human mind. If greatness is something we think about before becoming or at least something within that eventually comes out for mankind’s benefit, then what is “great” about greatness?

To be great is a little thing. It is not beyond what is embedded in the human mind. The mind is not something we can bring out of ourselves to examine. So, if out of that kind of complexity (and yet small world within), man can bring out all the paraphernalia of modernity, then greatness is not really a big deal. If you don’t achieve greatness, what would you rather do? Where would you rather be? That little thing calling forth within you…pleading for your attention is enough to overrun the world in change, redemption or transformation.

Therefore, let it be settled with you that all the things you don’t have and have not done, no matter how huge they may seem, are trickle, little things compared to the genius of God within you. It’s too bad for any of us to feel inferior to another…and if we ask why? Because of what they have got that you don’t have. Simple. Anyways, death has a way of resolving that for us. And I wonder… whoever envy a dead man/woman! Envy is a symptom of inferiority which is a result of lack of understanding (knowledge of self).

“…you have to train your mind to comply with universal principles.” No one is made to be subservient to others, but of course all these complications which is the general experience for most people have conspired to keep only 3% of the world population (or is it 1%) as powerful and wealthy while the remaining 97% are quite content with oiling their multifarious machinery.

There is a secret in the world today that is REALLY not a secret. Whatever you have become today is your choice. I take God beg you… Don’t play the victim with me. If you were setback in life by the actions of certain people; what have you done from that point forward? That is really what counts; it is not what has been done to you. And you know what? Once you know that your greatness is a little thing, it will never be difficult for you to Arise and Shine.

Image from Robin Sharma

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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